20 facts about Elle

Op instagram werd ik al enkele keren gevraagd om ook mijn 20 facts te delen!

Ik deed dan ook met plezier mee! 20 weetjes over mij… In het Engels voor de buitenlandse vriendjes! 😉  

1) I’m 27 years old but stopped counting at 24

2) Born and raised in Antwerp City… Never thought i would leave this place till I found the love of my life

3) The love of my life was my boss… I’ve met him when I was 21… How cliche… 😉

4) So … This crazy 21 years old city girl became a stephmother of 2 beautiful girls and moved to Lommel.

5) I love wearing black basics

6) I love black coffee

7) I can eat all day and i’m too skinny but i don’t mind…

8) I’m a dreamer…

9) when I’m working on something for a whole day ( paintings , garlands…) i dream about it all night !

10) I hate sports

11) but I love to do yoga or Pilates ( and don’t stop after a few lessons)

12) I’m actually very shy

13) I really really hate lying people

14) being a mom is the best thing ever

15) It can make me laugh , cry and feel the luckiest girl on earth!

16) I don’t need much to be happy… Just a loving family

17) Oke … And a big closet 😉

18) I believe home is where the heart is!

19) I’m really afraid of water… I never go under water … Never Ever!

20) oh right… Still waiting for the ” yes I do” question

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