My Social Media Star : Sally Fazeli

Vandaag laat ik jullie weer kennis maken met 1 van mijn Social media stars. En deze vond ik in Engeland!
Ze is jong , ze is mooi en ze is mama! Ze heeft een prachtige instagram pagina… sinds ik haar volg inspireert ze me iedere dag!
Ik vroeg haar om enkele vragen en deze beantwoordde ze met hele veel plezier.
Ik veronderstel dat we met zen allen wel engels kunnen, dus laat ik haar antwoorden mooi in het engels staan… gewoon omdat elk antwoord dan ook klopt… en omdat dit zo hoort bij Sally Fazeli!

About Sally:

I live in Lancashire in the North West of England, it’s quite a rural part of the country and the people are really down to earth. I work for my family business as an Area Manager as we have a Pandora jewellery store and three other jewellery stores (one being on-line too). My blog isn’t strictly on one thing, I write about anything that interests me whether it be about fashion, product reviews, make-up, places and general mum life. I’ve been married three years on 24th March but together 10 years this year… wow where have the years gone. I met my husband Ayman (who is half Iranian) when I was 18 outside a takeaway. We randomly bumped into each other another three times in the space of two weeks until he asked for my number and the rest is history.
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Name 3 of your favorite 2014 moments.

Gosh, this is a hard one, I’d say first of all the surprise of finding out I was pregnant and sharing the news. Hearing Hugo’s heart beat on the ultrasounds and feeling him move inside. Meeting Hugo for the first time, that love you feel there’s nothing like it in the whole world, I would literally die for him. There is of course all those first moments that completely melt your heart too like their first smile, laugh and when they follow you with their eyes. 2014 has been a year full of favourite moments for me!

Being a Mom is…

to love unconditionally. No one tells you to or even how to, it’s just born as soon as your child is born and you naturally want to do the best you can for this precious gift. It can be tough and very tiring at times but you have to be honest with yourself and others as no one has a perfect life. But being a mum for me is the best job in the world and the only job that gives me this much fulfilment.

What’s your favourite place at home ?

My bedroom (when it’s tidy) it feels so peaceful.

What are your favourite online web shops/sites/blogs ?

I hardly have time to go online any more and I find most of my inspiration comes from Instagram these days to be honest, there’s so many amazing children’s brands that I love on there it’s hard to just pick a few but I will just for you… Tui B, WhiteFillyClothing & My 1st Years. One of my favourite IG mum inspirations is KateOliver, her pictures explain it all, fun, pretty and colourful. I love Zara fullstop.

Describe your perfect day off …
(When Daddy’s at work)
Bringing Hugo into bed for morning cuddles, casually making our way downstairs to have breakfast and of course a coffee to start the day. I haven’t been very good at it lately but I like to have a bit of devotional time with God, I think it’s always important to be grateful for what we have. Having some play time with Hugo then get ready. Lunch then maybe a few photos for IG/blog then go out to either a play date or afternoon out somewhere. Back at home the usual evening routine of tea, bath, snuggles and bed.

Happiness is…

Feeling good from the inside out. Realising what you have and not dwelling on what you don’t have. Appreciation your life, health, family friends and being content in who you are.

Do you have any goals for the next years?
I would like to start my own on-line business and I’m thinking children’s wear or I’d love to work for children’s brand maybe as a buyer or something.

Your 3 favourite IG pics and why?
This photo is probably my ultimate favourite because for me it conveys so many emotions I felt in holding Hugo in my arms for the first time. I fell so deeply in love!

I cheated… 4 in 1! He’s just so cute, he completely melts my heart.
My first love, getting married to the man of my dreams. The most perfect day!

What can we wish you for the future ? 

That I build the right connections to drive me towards my goals, also that we would hopefully be able to afford a bigger house to fit more children in… hehe that would be super amazing!

Zie je? Pracht vrouw toch?
Dear Sally,
Thank you so much for your amazing answers and pictures.
I don’t know it’s because i’m pregnant, but some of your answers made me cry a little bit! 😉
I wish you all the best… happiness, laughs and cuddles everyday ( with your husband, Hugo and all of the other babies…;-)) A bigger house filled with love and that all of you dreams come true!
Thanks for your daily inspiration!

Volg Sally op instagram: @sallyfazeli
en neem zeker een kijkje op haar prachtige blog :


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